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The Blooming Market of Seawater Desalination Listed Corporations Rush to Enter
From:上海证券报 Date:2013-05-22

  Reporters yesterday from the "2013 seawater desalination and membrane technology forum" was informed that, by 2015, China's desalination production capacity will have reached more than 2,200,000 cubic meters per day and the output value reached 30,000,000,000 yuan . However, the high cost and technical bottlenecks still restricts the development of seawater desalination industry; government support will be the key to industrial development. The "12th Five Year Plan" and "key equipment localization rate reaches more than 75%" as one of the goals, many listed Corporations have desalination equipment industries in the layout of the sea.
  Its annual output is expected to reach 30,000,000,000 yuan.
  Tianjin University professor Jie Lixin said at the forum, the seawater desalination is an important supplement and strategic reserves of water resources, and is also an important guarantee of promoting the sustainable utilization of water resource in China and water supply security. The desalination of sea water is mainly divided into two kinds of distillation and membrane distillation method, the using of which have been more mature. This method has less limited by the original concentration of desalinated water purity, and suitable for large-scale factories, possesses direct utilization of heat energy and economic benefit, and etc..
  Jie Lixin said that the desalination will be turned as an important development strategy in the "eleven five" of our country. R to the "Twelfth Five Year" plan, by 2015, China's seawater desalination capacity will have reach 2,200,000 cubic meters per day, the output value of domestic seawater desalination industry will have reached 30,000,000,000 yuan, equipment manufacturing innovation rate will beyond 70%.
  According to the current situation, the using of seawater desalination produces fresh water widely used in industry. Xie Lixin introduced that domestic using in industrial water desalination project has many typical cases, such as Tianjin Beijiang power plant low temperature effect desalination project (100000 cubic meters per day,engineering equipment investment of $120,000,000, which has been put into operation in 2010),Tianjin Dagang Xinquan reverse osmosis seawater desalination project (100000 cubic meters per day, seawater desalination project investment 1,050,000,000 yuan, which put into operation in 2009).Cost, technology industrialization.
  Although the government has released to develop "signal desalination", but in this industry in China is still facing technical and cost to break the bottleneck, it still restricts the "desalination" industrialization.
  It is reported that the cost impacts at present in addition to the national demonstration projects, the demand of seawater desalination projects can technical threshold,seawater desalination three key technology equipments, in addition to the high-pressure pump, energy recovery equipment and osmosis membrane. These components aredependent on imports, cost, "hot" drawback is the heat of high energy consumption and the cost is high. "Membrane" although the energy consumption is small, but because of the membrane resistance, it need to use high pressure pump in the process, the actual energy consumption is only 10% to 20% of low specific heat method, and the film is expensive, and short life decays 50% a year, so the cost is not low. One expert, who declined to be named, told reporters although the seawater desalination is a trend and a goal, the main water is still very difficult to achieve, seawater desalination with less likely to civilian. The reason is that "industrial water consumption per ton from 7yuan to 8 yuan, and the people of the water consumption per ton to 4.5 yuan; desalination ex factory price at around 4.5 yuan per ton, transportation cost is 2.5 yuan / ton to 3.5 yuan / ton, if the sea water desalination civil, enterprises will face either huge losses, or can only improve the price of water. Therefore, seawater desalination industrialization also depends on whether the government's support and subsidies."

  Many listed cost corporation has been one step ahead.
  "Twelfth Five Year Plan" will be localization of key equipment rate of more than 75% as the next target; this opportunity may be Related Companies.
  In response, the industry told reporters, according to this index to estimate the expected, seawater desalination equipment materials will be nearly 9,000,000,000 of the market space, the reverse osmosis membrane and membrane module is controlled in 1,000,000,000 yuan, but China is more dependent on imports, therefore the technical reserves of domestic enterprises will also have opportunity to participate. A large number of domestic enterprises, such as Tianjin membrane technology, electrical technology and South Shanghai, which have been developed seawater desalination operations.
  It is reported that  "the reverse osmosis seawater desalination equipment” led by Tianjin Membrane Technology National desalination research project has launched recently in Binhai New area. The success of the project application will break the desalination of key equipment dependent on imports of the situation, to promote the localization process of seawater desalination device. At present, the core of reverse osmosis assembly "R & D of desalination of sea water reverse osmosis composite membrane preparation equipment" has passed the acceptance of experts of Chinese Academy of sciences.
  The responsible person of Tianjin membrane technology relevant said that our seawater desalination project had been gradually advanced, Binhai project is a demonstration project, we hope to be able to finish the development as soon as possible and realized  the industrialization.
  Shanghai electric as early as in 2008 has made the first million tons of sea water desalination equipment, which is the early development of seawater desalination industry in one of the large enterprises. The currently desalination business of this company has been covering both the domestic and foreign markets. The project includes two phase of 12500 tons per day in thermal seawater desalination project of the Cangdong Huanghua power plant and other projects, the foreign projects are in Indonesia, Vietnam, and etc..



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