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In 2013 the seawater desalination and membrane technology forum graphic record
From:中国证券报 Date:2013-05-16

  China Securities News (reporter Zhu Fangzhou) "2013 seawater desalination and membrane technology forum" was held in Shanghai in May 14th. This forum was sponsored by Hangzhou water treatment technology research and development center and the Munich Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Professor Chen Huanlin of Zhejiang University, Chief Engineer Tan Yongwen of Hangzhou water treatment technology research and Development Center, Professors of Tianjin University of Technology and other experts made addressed on depth discussion on application and development of seawater desalination and membrane technology.
  Jie Lixin said that desalination of sea water was mainly divided into two kinds of distillation and membrane distillation and the using part became more and more mature,which couldn’t be affected by water concentration limit and the desalination of water purity was   high, as well as suitable for large-scale factories to directly use heat energy, economic benefits and other characteristics.
  Jie Lixin told reporters that "although the state has the desalination of important development strategy, the main water is very difficult to do. However, a large number of domestic enterprises, such as Shanghai electrical company, Bishuiyuan company and Tianjin membrane electrical technology actively expand the desalination operation, there is the Sino foreign cooperative manner to grow in learning."
  The senior engineer Zhang Yangang of Beijing Shougang International Engineering Technology Co. Ltd. said that "the development of China's seawater desalination" is facing opportunities and challenges. The current direct problem of our country’s seawater desalination is the promotion, popularization and development. The process of raising awareness of innovation is an important measure to reduce the cost.


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