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Overseas water -- Lombok Island of Indonesia large-scale seawater desalination project success
Author:admin Date:2013-05-22

  Qinhuangdao YuWang Environmental Engineering Co Ltd. has been officially put into operation the desalination boiler water supply system of seawater in Indonesia power Lombok 2x25MW powerplant. The system uses double membrane seawater desalination and the unique energy recovery technology, processing capacity of 150 tons per hour and producing quality standards for qualified water. This is the first time our company successfully took over the overseas large-scale seawater desalination project. In recent years, the Environmental Engineering Company has been focused on seawater desalination technology R & D and manufacturing equipment, we have made accumulation and strengthen our core technology. Meanwhile, we have realized the combination of research,study and achievements as well as the transformation of the achievements. The desalination technology and production equipment of our company has been gradually extended into the power,chemical, manufacturing, iron and steel, mining and six other industries, which provides the design, procurement, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, system integration contractor one-stop service for customers.


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